"Fashion and Culture: Trends in the Mediaeval World"- The Historian Summer 2021

Editor's note:



March 03, 2021

We are seeking papers on the theme of “Fashion and Culture: Trends in Mediaeval World” for the summer 2021 issue of The Historian, a bi-annual scholarly journal published by the Government College University Press (Lahore).

Re-imagining the fashion in changing socio-cultural historical context has been a primary focus of mediaeval historians. The depiction of the textile products and ornaments in religious chronicles, literary documents, and art products provide a rich source for writing history. New trends in fashion refers to the social and economic change and also link individual expressions to institutional and hierarchical social structures. Clerical and legal authorities controlled the regulation of ranks and gender by controlling fashions trends of ornamentation and clothing. Trade, pilgrimage and crusades aided in cross-cultural exchange of fabrics and other products and brought various traditions into the wardrobes of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Against this background, we invite papers that can be either theoretical, empirical, or comparative studies contributing to the existing literaure on the mediaeval fashion.

Contact Info: Ayesha Yousaf, Assistant Editor, The Historian
Contact Email:[email protected]