Current Students

Brianna Burdetsky Interests: late medieval literature, Germanic languages and literatures, Jewish studies, and interfaith relations in medieval Europe

Aaron Della Cioppa Interests: early modern jurisprudence and natural law, global book history and codicology, history of hermeneutics and exegesis, medieval universities and intellectual life, late medieval textual and literary developments

Jasmine Groom Interests: Late antiquity, intersection of legal and religious documents in the fourth century, the early Church and its relationship with secular authority

Spencer Goldrich Interests: Middle English Romance and Hagiography, Fabliau, Boccaccio's relationship with Chaucer and Dante, and the intersections of humor, posthumanism, and disability in high and late Medieval Literature

Isaline Lefrançois Interests: Anglo-Norman culture, Norman Sicily, The Bayeux Embroidery, high medieval secular culture, gift-giving and cross-cultural exchange

Jared Nabhan Interests: Politics in John Milton's poetry, Medieval and Renaissance Theology, prophetic language and writings of the Renaissance, blatancy in Renaissance theatre, poetry in Cromwell's Protectorate

MA Program Alumni

Current PhD Students