MA: Program Alumni

2020 Graduates
Daniel Mahoney 
Thesis Title: "Siegecraft and Identity in Richard Coer de Lyon" Faculty Advisor: Christopher Baswell

James Messmer Thesis Title: "The Long Shadow of Antiquity: Classical References in the Writing of John of Wales" Faculty Adviser: Neslihan Senocak

2019 Graduates
Chris Buonnano Thesis Title: "This Tymbur is Al Redy Up to Fraem': Domesticity, Courtly Erotics, and Pandarus in the Homes of Troilus and Criseyde"  Faculty Adviser: Christopher Baswell

Emily Gebhardt Thesis Title: "The Crowne of Conqueste':Political Overtones and the Manufacture of Late-Medieval Kingship in a Devotional Manuscript" Faculty Adviser: Patricia Dailey 

Carmela Leonforte Pilmack Thesis Title: "Interiority in Catherine of Siena and Teresa of Avila" Faculty Adviser: Neslihan Senocak

Valerie Wilson Thesis Title "The Reader and the Key of Knowing: A New Study of a Manuscript of the Prick of Conscience" Faculty Adviser: Christopher Baswell