Past Event

The Anthropology and Aesthetics of Arms and Armor

October 19, 2018 - October 20, 2018
9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
612 Schermerhorn Hall

Workshop “Ways of Seeing, Ways of Reading, 2:

The Aesthetics and Anthropology of Arms and Armor

(Columbia University and Paris Sciences et Lettres)




Friday, October 19: morning (Columbia University, Schermerhorn Hall 612)

1. Weapons, Good to Think With (9:30-11 am)

- Christine Mauduit (ENS), “Around the Sword: Some Thoughts about Ajax’s Suicide”

- Deborah Steiner (Columbia), "Arms and the Symposion”

- Camille Rambourg (ENS), "Exploring the Question of Responsibility: The Javelin of Antiphon's Second Tetralogy"

- Peter van Alfen (ANS), "Arms and Armor in archaic coins" 

Coffee Break (11-11:30 am)

2. Arms, Culture, Religion (11.30 am-1 pm)

- Ellen Morris (Barnard), "Daggers, Militarism, and the Evolving Culture of Death on the Nile in the Second Millennium BCE"

- Cléo Carastro (EHESS), "Greek Trophies: War and its Dead"

- Christophe Goddard (CNRS), "Arms in Religion, Religions in Arms in Late Antiquity"

- Pierre Terjanian (MMA), "Armor as Votive Gift: Devotion and Self-Representation in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe”

Lunch Break (1-2:30 pm)


Friday, October 19: afternoon (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

3. Workshop Session (for speakers only)

Saturday, October 20: morning (Columbia University, Schermerhorn Hall 612)

4. Metaphors, Symbolism, Status (9:30-11 am)

- Andréas Stauder (EPHE), "Of Bowmen and Sickle-Swords: Weapons in Ancient Egyptian Literature and Royal Ideology"

- David Lurie (Columbia) "Creation from Destruction: Weapon as Symbol in Japanese Mythology."

- Severyn Fowles (Barnard), "The Shield's Sovereignty: Armament and Agency in the American West, A.D. 1400-1900"

- Faïza Drici (MMA), "Weaponry in Ancient Sudan: Warrior Equipment or Prestige Attribute?"

Coffee Break (11-11:30 am)

5. Armor and Body, Armor as Body (11:30 am-1 pm)

- Nancy Worman (Barnard), "Heroic Outerwear in Tragedy”

- François Queyrel (EPHE), “Arms and Nudity of Defeated Barbarians"

- Francesco de Angelis (Columbia), "The Hard and the Soft: Bodies and Cuirasses in Etruscan Art"

- Diane Bodart (Columbia), "Armor of Light for the Conquista”


Lunch Break (1-2:30 pm)


Saturday, October 20: afternoon (Columbia University, Schermerhorn Hall 612)

6. Meaningful Arms (2.30-3.30 pm)

- Filippo Ronconi (EHESS), "Coins as Weapons / Weapons as Coins: Epiphanius of Chyprus on the Obolos, between History and Archaeology "

- Lech Marek (MMA), "Life Stones and Stone Pommels: Medieval Sword Amulets, a Legacy of the Classical Age"

- Chassica Kirchoff (MMA) "Collection and Recollection: Armors as Objects of Memory in Early Modern Europe"

Coffee Break (3:30-4 pm)

7. Technology and Functions of Weapons (4-5 pm)

- Stéphane Verger (EPHE), “The Keltikè Machaira"

- Alain Thôte (EPHE), “Early Chinese Armors Made from Metal, Leather, or Stone Plates: Techniques and Functions"

- John Ma (Columbia), "The Geometry of Harm: Notes on the Ancient Greek Buttspike"

Closing remarks (5-6 pm)

Public Reception (6-7:30 pm)