2022 Claudia Rattazzi Papka Memorial Fund Grant Recipients

For Conference Travel 

Evyan Gainey (Ph.D. Candidate English & Comparative Literature)
“The Specter of Disability on the Early Modern Stage” at the Shakespeare Association of America (Jacksonville, FL)

Angel Jiang (Ph.D. Candidate Art History & Archaeology)
“Ornament a lo romano in Seville’s Nueva Roma” at the Renaissance Society of America (Dublin, Ireland)

Chris Klippenstein (Ph.D. Candidate English & Comparative Literature)
“The Dog Next Door: Animal Hospitality in Early Modern Neighborship” at the MLA Symposium (Glasgow, Scotland)

For Research Travel

Alejandro Cuadrado (Ph.D. Italian & ICLS) For research at the Biblioteca Civica Bertoliana in Vicenza, Italy for his dissertation “Dante’s Churchscape and the History of Religious Institutions in the Commedia”

Emma Hitchcock (Ph.D. Candidate English & Comparative Literature) for research at the Arctic University of Norway’s Center for Sami Studies (UiT) as a Visiting Scholar

Whitney Adana Kite (Ph.D. Candidate Art History & Archaeology) for research travel to the Yerevan Matenadaran in Armenia and San Lazzaro degli Armeni in Italy for her dissertation “The Lay of the Land: Armenian Monasteries in their Local Landscapes”