2020 Claudia Rattazzi Papka Memorial Fund Grant Recipients

For Conference Travel 

Emogene Cataldo (Ph.D. Candidate Art History and Archaeology)
“Strange Weather: Environmental Miracles and Sacred Space at Notre-Dame of Amiens” at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, MI)


John Izzo (Ph.D. Classics)
“Indigenous Renaissance Men in Tkatelolco” at the New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Sarasota, FL)


Mikael Muehlbauer (Ph.D. Art History and Archaeology) 
“Inventing Late Antiquity in Medieval Ethiopia” at the 12th International Congress of Coptic Studies (Brussels, Belgium)


Yea Jung Park (Ph.D. English and Comparative Literature)
 “No Space to Stand: Uncomfortable Cohabitation in Chaucerian Nature” at the 22nd Biennial New Chaucer Society (Durham, UK)


Kevin Windhauser (Ph.D. English and Comparative Literature) 
 “Unmoved in Arguing and Void of All Contentiousness” at the 2020 George Herbert Society Conference (Cambridge University). 


For Research Travel

Jonathan Ligrani (Ph.D. Historical Musicology) 
For manuscript research in Florence and Brussels for his dissertation “Manuscript Culture and Patrician Identity in the Florentine Madrigal”