Spenser’s Sustaining Fictions
International Spenser Society at RSA 2017, Chicago: 30 March-1 April 2017
Due: 25 May 2016

Spenser’s Jargon
International Spenser Society at RSA 2017, Chicago: 30 March-1 April 2017
Due: 25 May 2016

UCD King John 800 Conference 2016
Dublin Castle, Ireland: 8-10 September 2016
Due: 27 May 2016

Inside the Ritual: Approaches, Practices and Representations in the Arts
Arts and Media Symposium of the University of Montreal: 24-25 November 2016
Due: 27 May 2016

Confraternities, Prayer, Good Works, and Society
Society for Confraternity Studies at RSA 2017, Chicago: 30 March- 2 April 2017
Due: 1 June 2017

Premodern Ecologies: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Interaction with the Natural World in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Center for Medieval & Early Modern Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder: 20-22 October 2016
Due: 1 June 2016

VERSUS: Antagonism, Self-Criticism and Hostility in Literature and Art
Johns Hopkins University: 16-17 September 2016
Due: 1 June

Institute for Comparative Literature and Society Graduate Conference, Columbia University, New York: 22 & 23 September, 2016
Due: 30 June 2016

“Does tradition imply mistake?” The mistake within vocal corpuses from Middle Ages to Renaissance
1st International French-Italian symposium “Philology and Musicology” & Musici Vagantes, Medieval Music Festival: May 2227, 2017, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, France
Due: 30 June

To the Ends of the Earth
University of Pennsylvania: 2-4 March 2017
Due: 1 July 2016

Treasures of the Sea: Art Before Craft?
Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, Serie VII – Historia del Arte, New Era
Due: 31 October 2016

Landscape: Interpretations, Relations, and Representations
Leiden University Center for the Arts in Society (LUCAS), The Netherlands: 26-27 January 2017
Due: 1 October 2016

Paradigm Shifts During the Global Middle Ages and Renaissance
ACMRS 23rd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference: 9-11 February 2017
Due: 2 December