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Date(s) - 14 Nov 2017
5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Columbia University Faculty House

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Konrad Eisenbichler, University of Toronto

“Early Modern Propaganda: Nicolaus Hogenberg’s Engravings of the Post-Coronation Cavalcade of Emperor Charles V in Bologna (1530)”

The German artist, Nicolaus Hogenberg (1500?-pre 1539), active in Mechelen / Malines (Flanders) in the  late 1520s and 1530s, gravitated around the court of Margaret of Austria, Governor of the Netherlands for her nephew, Emperor Charles V von Habsburg. In 1530-35 Hogenberg engraved 40 plates constituting a long frieze (8.10 m.) depicting the Post-Coronation Cavalcade of the Emperor Charles V in Bologna and then published the series in Mechelen in 1535. Not having been present at the event, Hogenberg used contemporary chronicles to illustrate the cavalcade, but also embellished them with his own fantasy and with what clearly seems to be a political, propagandist element, probably emanating from the person who commissioned the work (presumably Margaret of Austria). In 1540 the engravings were retouched by another artist (an anonymous engraver working in the Netherlands) to further advance the political agenda of the frieze, this time, however, with a very specific audience in mind – the French crown. This presentation will examine the original 1535 series and then the 1540s additions made to it in order to point out the Habsburg propaganda in the engravings in light of two very different occasions and contexts.

If you wish to continue the discussion with the speaker over dinner  ($30 by check only, made out to Columbia University) at 7 pm, also in Faculty House, please RSVP least 10 days ahead to rapporteur Lien Van Geel.